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Friday, April 18, 2014

Joking About Serious – An Easy Task?

By Sarah Hall

It’s not that easy to make jokes and tell amusing stories when the topic seems serious for your audience. Even such seemingly harmless topic as family life can touch the feelings of some sensible people. Having faced this problem, I found out that most people reacted calmly on such jokes. Though, it’s better to start the real tickling story from the neutral remarks on the topic. That’s how I see this approach.

joking about serious
“Isn’t it wonderful to have a big family with several kids and dogs? Isn't it great to organize loud parties, invite friends and enjoy delicious dinners in the family circle, when everybody is talking about their own business without listening to each other? Oh yes! Family life brings joy and happiness. Though big family also means a mountain of dirty plates, queue to the bathroom in the morning and all those tickling stories which take place only when you have a dozen of people living in one house.

This amazing story happened to me one sunny day. I came back home and found a dog sitting in front of my door. I opened the door and invited him to come in, just for fun. Imagine my surprise when the dog actually moved to my apartment. This well-fed, clean, but tired dog ate some food, paved his way to the corner of my room and slept for several hours. He woke up and went away. The next day he came again. We've repeated the same “procedure” with food and nice daytime sleep and a few hours ago the dog went away.

It was obvious that my mysterious friend had the owner and he went back home after visiting me. When the same story repeated again and again, I became curious about the owner of this dog and the reason why I had this visitor every day. So, I wrote a note and fastened it to the dog’s collar. I wrote: “Hello! Your charming dog visits me every day. He has a nice daytime sleep in my house and goes away. I don’t mind his company. I would like to know the name of my new friend.”

The next day the dog came again, a new note was fastened to his collar. I read the following: “Hi! The dog’s name is Buddy. The point is that he lives in a family with four little children, your house is the only place where he can sleep. Can I come with him someday? I also need some daytime sleep. ”

Looks like it’s a challenging task to have a big family. Hold on, dear parents of numerous kids!”

Hopefully, people who are fond of telling tickling stories will find the way of making fun out of seriousness and the audience will enjoy such humor. Laugh and don’t take serious things too close, there is always space for a smile in our so serious world!

About the author: Sarah Hall enjoys entertainment, fashion and travel. This young writer is glad to share her life experience and knowledge with anyone. Find Sarah on Google+.

Sarah also writes for custom paper service.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

I Want To Learn Stand-Up Comedy, But How?

how to learn stand up comedy
So here is the question, "I want to learn stand-up comedy and can I do it on the Internet?" Absolutely, you can. Thanks to technology, access to everything is easy now. Everywhere you go, there are no more boundaries when it comes to information, and you can be anything that you want as long as you know where to go and find the right media to make your dream come true.

One of the things to tickle everyone's fancy in the world and is nice to do for anybody thinking themselves as funny is stand-up comedy. This one, not only pleases the actor, but also makes people happy. And above all, if you are making money by this, you're blessed, unless you mock severely some corrupt politicians who won't even give a slight smile at any of your performance. Not really? Forget it. Now, how about learning it online for a beginner?

Before you start to learn it conventionally or online, have you ever fancied yourself as a man of confidence, a self-assurance man who whatever you say creates laughter? If that is too hard for a stand-up comedy performance, okay, don't think about "whatever", that will be a burden for you. Think about the seconds where you think people will burst with laughter after your irresistible gigs. You need to look at yourself more and more in the mirror to make sure that you are really funny. Do it intensively until you can't stand laughing at yourself.

When it comes to learning, you need to go to school or course, that's normal. The Internet provides you with some courses you may take to improve your stand-up comedy skill. Go Google them, you'll find Comedy Classes On LineStand-Up Comedy Courses or Learn to do Stand-up Comedy in 10 weeks! You may try one if this will help you shape your performance. Or if you want to be a total autodidact, do as suggested below, based on my own experience as a dreamer.

1. Prepare the time and room when you just take everything easy. Relax. Breath in, breath out. Nothing is funny here and no audience there to laugh at you. Here is the first step to start dreaming.

2. Think about failure, the moment when you are becoming lost for words and look so dumb in front of you audience, you just do it once and get rid of it. Replace all with the most craziest you can do to amuse your audience. Practice this again and again until you're sure your words will flow like water.

3. Set your target audience and be comfortable to tickle their funny bone with your best stand up comedy, learn more from your gesture, tone of voice, pause, and spontaneity

4. As you grow confidence, now enrich your script time by time. Bring your note and record all life activities that you can find anywhere you are and be witty with them. Make it as a routine.

5. This is not a tickling answer to the question of the first paragraph of this post: I want to learn stand-up comedy and can I do it on the Internet? Get as many as writing sources there online that you can spoof, something like tips, advices or recommendation. You can learn it from this tickling blog if you wish. Just go to the search box and type any keywords you wish.

6. Hypnotize yourself before you hypnotize other. Stand in awe of yourself for a-couple-of- minute complete trial, if necessary record it and upload it to YouTube. Invite your family, relatives and friends to rate it.

Warning! This video is not a stand-up comedy or sit-down one

Keep doing your best after all. If you want to be a total and successful stand-up comedian, create your own trademark--be different from others, make innovation and believe in yourself. Do not copy unless it's a parody, a satire and so on. Think much about spontaneity everywhere you are. Have a great sense you a comedy actor yourself in life--your alter ego. Keep learning how to make a better performance, keep watching the professional ones when they perform on stage. Practice, practice and practice--but not recommended that you do it on street or on the train. Lol.

Well, that's all that I can share with you guys about how to learn stand-up comedy. Soon, you'll see many of your shadows on the Internet. Be witty and be happy!
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Wanted: Man Named Norman!

A man named Norman is urgently needed to take over this site. This site is worth having, what do you think? Imagine if you were given away this tickling or tickle your fancy blog, what would you do?

Okay Norman, first, change the letter u of my name here with o so that you'll have: Mr. Norman learns to tickle your fancy and then have me removed all links linking to unnecessary access. You still can have the images I created here, or if you are a sort of talented artist you can create your own to put to the new post of yours. Then keep updating the contents as its Alexa ranking is improving. It's a PR2 blog and you can increase the rank yourself.

Am I bored with this tickling blog? Not really, Norman, but I need to let go of my narcissistic image building as it is so obsessive and deteriorating. Really? Well, to tell you the truth, I need money, that's the point. So, Mr. New Norman to tickle your fancy, want some clues about this site, or wonder what can I offer you?

wanted man named norman
Are you Norman? Take this inheritance!
1, This is a humor blog, a dabble one created in bahasa Indonesia--my mother tongue--as Mr. Nurman bikin ketawa in 2009. The title Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy is inspired by Michael Learns to rock. I like using Mr. for my students preferably call me Mr. Nurman--I am an English teacher.

2. As anybody's making money on the Internet, I am doing it too. My biggest earning I got was from Blogdash.com, that was outreach program. Few others were from Blogvertise.com, Blogskinny.com for product review and Odesk.com. The latter is the best place for freelancer like me and perhaps you, Norman. Most of the reviews were written according to the niche and theme of this blog, that is to tickle your fancy.

3. My Adsense was turned down again and again because they thought I wrote about gambling or promoted gun. Maybe I did, but I was not sure if these product reviews are sensitive to readers. First it's Poker Game review and second the stun gun -- it is a kind of toy for children. I believe if you reapply with the new name: Mr. Norman, it will be approved, God willing. Well, I myself have Adsense account for other blogspot platform blog and YouTube videos, but not for this tickling blog.

4. Recently I welcome guest bloggers to post on my blog for I cannot really write serious things. They help me much to rank this blog, especially at Alexa and I help them too to provide links to their site, regardless of the negative thinking that this will lead to scam.

5. I know SEO and I have applied it too here, but maybe you have better strategies and me, get inspired.

So, Norman, would you consider being the owner of Mr. Norman learns to tickle your fancy? Is man2tickle.com a tickling and profitable domain to you? Want to bid or speak more confidentially with me? Contact me here or call +62 88809861615
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Wedding Dance: Get People Moving

When it comes to celebrating your big day, you want everyone dancing, right? Choosing wedding music that encourages people to throw aside their inhibitions and move out to the dance floor can be challenging, but with the right music, it's far from impossible. You don't even need alcohol to help.

Find a DJ

The best way to select wedding music is to hire a DJ. These guys are trained and they know how to sense the crowd so they can get them on the floor. The good ones have thousands of songs at their fingertips. That means they can avoid the songs you don't want played, like that song you danced to in high school that you never want to hear again, but they can also play the songs you love. They have the most current songs, but they can also play some of the older hits to get your grandparents to take a swing or two and the romantic songs for all of the couples.

wedding danceCreate a Playlist

A playlist allows you to put together hours of music so the evening runs smoothly and you don't need to be searching frantically for the next song, which could create long gaps in-between songs.

Start by selecting dinner music. Many people play Sinatra, or jazz, but if you both love show tunes, play those.

Then, select a song that people can't help dancing to for the first song to start the dancing - something upbeat and contemporary is the best bet. Play some upbeat songs and then follow it with a slow, romantic song or two. Many people won't stay on the dance floor once the upbeat music stops, so you'll want to bring them back on after they have a short break with a song that requires dancing. They'll forget they ever left. After 6 or 7 upbeat songs, play a slower song again. Repeat as needed.

Group Participation

The Macarena, the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey... they're all cheesy. But they get everyone involved. And if other people are looking like idiots, most people don't mind looking so foolish themselves. It's a clever way to sneak people onto the dance floor.

If you're using a DJ, make sure to tell him or her if there are any songs, particularly group songs, that you just don't want played.

Choosing a Wedding Band

If you love the idea of live music, a wedding band could be right for you. Make sure the band can provide a variety of music and covers most of your favorite songs. If they play just one type of music, they may not be the best choice for a wedding. AS if you can hear them play before you book them and see how they do with a crowd.

The Bride Said, "Dance"

No one is more powerful than the bride. Request that everyone dance - and have the attendants encourage people to dance, even if it's just for a song or two. The more people who are having a good time, the more fondly they'll remember your day and your party.

The ideal wedding music is a mix of upbeat, romantic, fast and slow that'll appeal to a variety of people. When you hit the right note, the party will go on and on and on.

Contributor: Sally Smith.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Must You Stop Being A Sissy?

How to stop being sissy and lead a normal life? This question sounds annoying to those who happen to be so and enjoy as what they are now, does it? But, as a saying puts it; when there's a will there's a way, there's nothing impossible in life, no matter how hard or how long it takes to lead a decent life. Aren't we familiar with such words like sooner or later, or gradually and so on?

how to stop being a sissy?What is sissy? You may refer it to a boy who other boys dislike and laugh at because they think he is weak or interested in activities girls usually like, or a person who is weak and cowardly (Not brave). How to stop acting or having qualities which are traditionally considered to be suitable for a woman while you are a boy, has initially upset any parents whose boy acts this way.

You'll see the boy growing up thinking he is half man half woman cannot resist the temptation to be "unusual". The barbie doll you gave when he was a toddler, might make him believe that he should stick to it until adult. The idea of becoming cross-dresser again and again occurred to him and gradually he transformed himself into completely feminine. And now whether people call it sissy or transvestite, still the question: has the boy ever thought about how to stop being such a weird creature?

Once I saw a TV show in my country Indonesia how a hypnotherapy could change sissy behavior into masculinity. The target: two feminine actor assistants being hypnotized making them macho, absolutely far away from being effeminate. The famous interactive entertaining program called YKS (Yuk Keep Smile) successfully persuaded Olga Syahputra, a famous sissy comedian to be hypnotized to be a tough man to many disbelief.

So, referring to the question how to stop being sissy, you guys should believe you can do it. But only on one condition: you want to change or not.

Can you? Yes!

Sounds it is easier said than done? Yes, I think so.

I would recall the day when I became addicted to smoking. My two brothers did too, and our father who was a heavy smoker absolutely did not like seeing us taking after him. It's not a sissy story, but you can take a lesson from how we male members of the family successfully quit smoking. Father of cardiac problem, me typhoid, youngest brother took to workout and my 2nd brother of lung disease.

Basically, how to stop being sissy is similar to how to quit smoking. If you think it's different, take a look at the reason of why my family and I succeeded it: Suffering! Some spiritual shock might work well for some people, unless you think that quit smoking, instead, makes you a sissy yourself.

Not so many people can do it or even want to think about it. Not so many people need to concern or beware of this. The barrier is in you. You yourself who can lift it to clear your way. Tragically, how to stop being sissy, you must create a condition that makes you think if you keep going on with this, you will die.The fancies you should create include the incurable HIV AIDS, terrible STDs, hell fire, hereafter torture--no jokes like spoiled eggs splashed from the heavens at all.

Whew! Sounds too much? Hm, let me put this way ... In order to be able to get rid of your ingrained personality problem, from now on you should keep repeating the word stop in your life. For example:

  • Stop having a dish of chocolate ice cream whereas it's your favorite one.
  • Stop watching Chef Contest no matter how strong you want to cook well for your own pleasure
  • Stop your dream of having a beautiful voice like those of American idol stars have

For short, stop doing all things you like in life. Can you? Say, yes and yes and yes. This is difficult, off course, similar to when you're doing a diet. But keep moving on, do point by point there gradually and keep optimistic. If you succeed, apply it to other likes of yours. Slowly but sure, change the word should here into must. Change your whisper suggestion over and over again, from should I stop being a sissy to must I stop being a sissy. If you still like wearing your beloved pink Hello-Kitty T-shirt, it's okay, you just cannot change your personality drastically, that's tolerable. Then take your precious time, concentrate, sit down on the floor, relax, breath in, breath out, gather all your power, close your eyes and then open your eyes. Feel it, feel that, all of a sudden, your eyes turn red as an irritated bull, your T-shirt turns to be an armor, now stand up, walk to the mirror; you see now you become Robocop. Go to get your comb or makeup tool, use your superhero power, convert them to a weapon. Now jump to bed, destroy all things three belonging to your enemies--the pillows!

What do you think? This is silly? childish? brutal? What more? Not to tickle your fancy, you can change everything in you in fun way. The key is only if you believe.

Keep saying, "yes I must", to the question must you stop being a sissy?! Do the same for the next fun, and change your role as Robocop there with angered Terminator or Transformer and the like.

After all, relax and take it easy. If you get back to the mirror and find the fact that you're still sissy, no cry, there's a power remaining there to challenge you to become more unusual than now, and it wants you to do it again and again. God knows you do your best!

Good luck!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Why Mr. Nice Guy Cannot Tell You Funny Stories?

mr nice guy weed
Is that Mr. Nice guy's pain relief? Very funny.
Mr. Nice Guy is not the right person you can pal around. It's not the one to be left alone with your children and you can be sure that they are safe with him. No, he won't kidnap them and ask you for ransom. The reason why he cannot tell you funny stories is that actually it's not he but it. And, for those who have no idea about it, it's weed. And you know the taste? Very fruity and sweet as well! It’s not the most potent, but it’s a nice treat to see it come around, according to a patient who think it's effective for a medical treatment.

Off course, no funny story to tell even though this Mr. Nice Guy is "delicious". It's nightmare for children and adult if you misuse it. Based on medical review about the weed: Strain Name: Mr. Nice Guy. Grade: A. Type: Sativa. Looks: Beautiful. Big purple leafs with orange and white hairs running throughout the buds. Nice crystal consistency. Smell: Very fruity aroma. Like a walk through an orchid. And if you want to know why it can't amuse you: beware, it's marijuana which makes you get addicted to it. Unless you think otherwise and just take it for granted.

No funny stories, why?

1. First Mr. Nice (with or without Guy?) makes patients feel: euphoric, happy, hungry relaxed, uplifted. If you think it is a good strain for working, you cannot just depend on it much so that you like to get along with it and forget that while you're driving, you feel euphoric and thinking the man you just hit is Adolf Hitler. You love smoking up on this lovely, and then diving deep into work? It won't keep you focused; it makes feel like Iron Man!

2. Mr Nice Guy marijuana strain is an Indica dominant hybrid named in honor of Howard Marks, one-time hashish businessman and author. It is the cross between the legendary G13 strain and the Hash Plant which are world famous medical marijuana strains. This history won't make other businessmen and authors all around the world find the best solution to their medical problem by smoking weed. It's not a funny story to tickle your funny bone if, therefore, inspired bloggers start to use this, write about it, promote it but die with it as well.

3. When you are lulling your toddler to sleep, the Mr Nice Guy you mean must free from Marijuana buds which are extremely dense with a sweet smell and have a nice crystal consistency. You can tell about the nuggets which are very sticky and the taste ranges from sweet and tangy to earthy undertones, but that's a sort of visit to food court like McDonald or something, no related to weed at all.

Above all, even though Mr Nice Guy medical marijuana weed smells more like a fruit orchard than any kind of specific fruit, it doesn't smell good and heaven for long-time use.
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