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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama and Osama turn out to be brothers!

Obama and Osama turn out to be brothers!

No big deal! The two most influential strong men in the world admit to coming from the same origin. That is human race. Their very first ancestor who is also ours is Adam.

Their popular names which are only distinguished by letters b and s surprisingly begin with the letter o which means “oh, they’re brothers! And also means, “oh, really?”

Back then, these two cute kids liked to play hide and seek in their dreams, romping around and exchanging pleasantries. Once Obama said to Osama, “I’ll see you in the future as an enemy.” Obama only giggled on hearing this.

As they grew up and lived very far apart, Obama found it was meaningful to reconcile with Osama. As usual Osama only giggled on knowing this. He only said calmly, “Dear brother, let’s make love not war.

How come! There was an outburst of laughter all over the world on hearing this, instead. You know—coming from those learning English as beginners.

More tolerant

Obama and Osama, in fact, have a lot in common. When it comes about patriotism, for example, they will take it into consideration. Among other things are bravery and dignity. How about indecency? However, Obama is more tolerant to have superheroes in his country wearing underwear inside out.

Oreally between Obama and Osama

No doubt, Obama is indeed the President of the USA. Osama is the Arabian fighter who is considered public enemy number one in the world. And Oreally? Who is Oreally? Not who but what; oreally is the typical remark of those questioning their idealism.


Will God fulfill his wish when Osama prays? He is a terrorist! But he begs by raising his hands open to the sky! Muslims agree that God hates terrorism, but He will answer every prayer either by “begging” or “gripping” as long as it is blessed.
One day, unconsciously Obama raised his hands open to the sky in an open space.
“Are you praying as Muslims do, sir?” asked his secretary.
“God is great,” said Obama. It looks like rain.”

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