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Clark Kent didn’t come to his English class

Clark Kent didn’t come to his English class yesterday evening, and all the students in the class are wondering why.

Peter Parker thinks he might have gotten sick. Bruce Wayne thinks he might have had a doctor’s appointment. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton think that one of Clark Kent’s children may have been sick. Nicole Kidman thinks he may have had to work overtime. Mr. and Mrs. Bush think he might have gone to the airport to meet his relatives who are arriving from overseas. And Jet Lee thinks he may have decided to study in another school.

All the students are curious about why Clark Kent didn’t come to his English calls yesterday evening. … And they’re a little concerned.

Where’s Clark Kent actually?

He’s blogging!

See the whole story through video:

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4 Responses to Clark Kent didn’t come to his English class

  1. While blogging he's also thinking about how difficult it is to be approved by Google Adsense. Lol.


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