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Buluketek to be the President of Indonesia

While the presidential election is only several weeks to go, Buluketek wondered if he could join to compete with SBY, Megawati or Yusuf Kalla.

If the rest have been promoting some progressive programs, he didn’t think he should. If corruption to be crucial issue to empathize, he didn’t feel a need to get involved in any eradication programs later if he was elected. He just wanted to sit there on the most-wanted glorious chair.

Buluketek didn’t have a political party to support him, but he admitted to belonging to all parties and wished that they would have integrated into smaller group. He didn’t think it was a silly idea. Too much love will kill you, won’t it? What’s that supposed to mean? “It is when you love to be greedy!” he said.

Buluketek was eager to perform on TV, not as a politician, but as a host of any like-to-be-ridiculed realty shows. He’d like to invite all leaders of any fields of the nation to join here. Then they would yell at each other to be judged as the best humiliating contestant. Debate of presidency will be great conducted this way. Whew!

Buluketek’s wish to fight for presidency is not a threat for other presidents to-be, actually. There’s nothing to be afraid of. What is Buluketek? In fact, it is not he but it, to remain silent under the armpit.

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