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Do you believe in fortune telling; the tickling one?

A blogger is visiting Madame Sonia, a famous fortune teller. He’s very concerned about his future and Madame Sonia is telling him what is going to happen next week. According to Madame Sonia, next week is going to be a very interesting moment in his life.

On Monday, a new viewer is going to share on his blog and get entertained
On Tuesday, another new viewer is going to be on his blog also but only give a wry smile
On Wednesday, more and more new viewers are going to join and join and join on his blog
On Thursday, a hundred of new viewers are going to have themselves tickled on his blog
On Friday, thousands of new viewers are going to watch video together and have fun on his blog
On Saturday, millions of new viewers are going to tell others that they are happy because they’ve found the solution of their stress on his blog.
On Sunday, the whole world is going to officially declare that this blog is made to tickle everybody’s fancy

According to Madame Sonia, a lot is certainly going to happen in the blogger’s life next week. And he has to believe all of this.

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