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Monday, June 8, 2009

Anyone knows where they are?

Chubby Michael Blogging Jackson, age 7, is reported missing from his home on Narrow Street. Mike who is six feet ninety nine inches weighs 275 pounds and has very long curly hair. He has pale complexion and blue eyes. When last seen he was wearing a tickling red and blue web costume and laughing at himself on the street. (He might have read a tickling writing entitled Seldom Land and the King of Plop somewhere around this blog)

Don't catch me if you can. I'm not being hunted!

Britney Funny Spears, age 81 failed to return to her How-to-cope-with-stress residence on Friday night. Ms. Spears, who is two feet two inches tall, weighs 5 pounds and has long green hair. She was veiled over and was having words with the one singing her favorite song: I'm not a girl not yet a woman when last seen.

Relatives of Dr. Jacky Chan report that he disappeared from his Noisy Street apartment on May 1 and has not been seen since. Dr. Chan is recovering from an insomnia and it is feared he may be thinking himself as Popeye the sailor. Dr. Chan is 21 and about eight feet tall. He weighs 399 pounds and has curly gray hair. At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a sarong and running after a clever mouse named Jerry.

Aladdin, the author of a tickling blog, disappeared after swallowed by funny Ginnie last Friday. Amazingly, he felt tickled inside and now is blogging!

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