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Monday, June 22, 2009

Beloved lover

A lover was loved by any lovers all around the world. He loved them and they loved him. He was something of a romantic and every lover didn't think he was a flirt.

When he loved another lover, he did it at heart. He didn't care the other would feel the same thing too. He wasn't easily be in love, nor was he be out of love, but he was subject to love. He hardly said, "I love you," but love was always sparkled in the air and he loved it. More and more lovers kept loving him and asking for more love. He never hesitated to give them affection and share more love and happiness with them.

One day after having been visited by two new lovers who had just asked him an advice on love, he feel asleep on a lovingly spring bed. How come? He had a dream of lovers who kept coming to his house and asking an advice on love!

He told them hat he needed some rest; he was awfully tired! But those lovers insisted, forcing him to get away form this.

"We love you," running after him outdoor they yelled, "and we love you to give us more advice on love."
"Not now! I'm exhausted!"
"True lover never feel exhausted!"
"Not now, not now, please ...," the lover was awakened in panic. He was perspiring.
"Thanks God. it's only a dream. I might have killed myself if it had been true," he sighed.

But to his surprise, when he opened the front door a few minutes afterward, he was met by an uproar of crazy lovers standing in line out there crying out, " we love you and we love you to give us more advice on love!"

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