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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He's gone after Michael Jackson buried

He never cared whether public recognized him or not. He was with Michael Jackson the whole of his life. He sang, danced and behaved the way the superstar did.

He knew all Jacko's secret, but he kept quiet if the press came for it--this never happened. He always had the knack of being secluded, yet Jacko never hid it from anybody when he was alive. Besides, who cared?

When he was a kid, he was not as black as that of Jacko's skin and neither would he have turned white after Jacko had plastic surgery. However, he admitted that Jacko was black.

He was always of a breast of Jacko's debut. But he was too timid to admit to being Jacko. Nobody could separate him from Jacko, as if they were twins. He would never answer if anybody ever asked about this.

We can't say, that one thing about this man, when Jacko set his mind to something, he would react. Did he learn early on about life and unscrupulous few? was he of the man who had endured much--loss of affection and confidence? Again, who cared?

He never tried to be as protective as possible as Jacko did, but only when Jacko wished. He was a short of fickle--only imitated all Jacko's gesture.

From nothing to nothing, just as human being existence; as soon as the corpse was buried, he's gone!

Anyway, Mr. Shadow, thanks so much for sharing a story of life with us.

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