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Friday, July 31, 2009

Funny blog Versus Tickling blog?

“I don’t think your blog is funny,” said blogger A to blogger B jealously.
“Oh yeah? Look at yours. Is it a tickling blog?’ replied blogger B. “It’s ridiculous and dull.”
“I can’t believe it,” blogger A went on, “Funny writings you say about your blog? It’s only for corpse to cope with stress. Ha-ha-ha.”
“Wait, don’t you think your tickling writings are only able to tickle shadows?”
“Hey, what’s wrong with your eyes? My tickling blog, my tickling writings, all that I write to cope with stress, are grammatically right! Are you something of beginner of English as foreign language or what?”
“Really? What do people look for in the funny blog? Funny writings! They need entertainment, not rules of writings! I suggest that you should visit my funny blog and learn of my funny writings very carefully. Yes, you’d better learn from me how to write funny blog easily.”
“Ha-ha-ha. What a tickling idea, yet your blog is far from that. I’ll help you to cope with stress. Read my tickling writings more and more!”
“Oh yeah, eat this!”

Blogger B started to attack Blogger A. Blogger A, however, tried to defend himself. They fought and fought and fought fiercely.

Blogger B took a gun out of his jacket and ….


How come? Blogger A laughed as if being tickled to feel the bullet bounce back of his body. He took off his shirt just to show his competitor a symbol S which was well known around the globe.

By the way, where're their blogs? To their surprise, the funny blog and the tickling bog they're talking about turned out to fall in love each other and now they walked arm and arm in the park nearby.

“Nuts!” said Mr. Google Search Engine who’s passing by.

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