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Beyonce to show off her shoulders and knees in Malaysia

Beyonce Knowles sped up her spacecraft. Behind, protesters threatening to disrupt the concert because of her sexy image, tracked her in a space shuttle called Culture n Religion.

“We are not against entertainment as long as it is within in the framework of our culture and our religion,” a warning kept echoing in the sky, heard from Malaysia to the North Pole. “We are against Western sexy performances. We don’t think our people need that.”

Knowles had said on her website before that she would take the stage at a stadium in Kuala Lumpur on Oct. 25. The Jakarta post reports, Knowles canceled a planned concert two years ago following protest threats. At the time her talent agency said the show was called off due to a scheduling conflict.

“Should I come back to Indonesia? It has less stringent rules about how performers should behave,” she said to herself.

But she was too exhausted to continue her voyage and decided to stop by the moon. She was running out of mineral water.

“Wait, recent news—the moon is not the dry, dull place it seems,” she said to herself again. Traces of water lurk in the dirt unseen. Yes, water! There must be water somewhere around here.”

Quickly, she got off the spacecraft and started to search for water. Behind those people kept chasing her crazily. She ran and ran and ran. They yelled and yelled and yelled. She nearly fainted, when, to her surprise, how come, they competed each other for her autograph!

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