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Miss Marple to swallow the moon

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Julia McKenzie was excited. She danced, whistled, jumped, hopped, and sang. She was proud to get a career-changing chance at 68.

“It’s a funny thing about acting, you know, when you get the part and you’re my age, you drop 10 years like that. Acting makes you feel young again, ” she said.

But the people she was speaking to were only looking at her in disbelief and gaping.

“I am new Miss Marple, you know Agatha Christie’s famous amateur detective?” she went on. I would have retired but …”

She was too thrilled and tickled to dance that she raised her hands and wings and started to fly. She flew high to the sky. She bumped into Superman who had just had a tickling haircut that amused her. Next, when she flew lower, swinging Spiderman nearly hit her. And to her surprise, the grumbling superhero knocked down flashing Batman who was carrying President Britney Spears on his back.

The people down there were still gaping on seeing this nonsense, let alone when ‘Miss Marple’ soon swallowed the moon.

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