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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A kid statue named Obama?

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 Associated Press reports: Fidel Castro, who ceded power to his younger brother in February 2008, at first praised Obama, even supporting his winning of the Nobel Peace Prize. But the elder Castro wrote last week that Obama “friendly smile and African-American face” are hiding Washington sinister intentions for Latin America.

And only yesterday the recently erected Obama’s statue in Jakarta turned weird. His friendly smile and African-American face could not been seen enlightening the park anymore. The figure depicting a kid whispered a mangled English—popular in the city now—to an ignorant passerby, “Ai lup yu pul” (I Love you full)

The man addressed did not hear it; looking round, instead he just said calmly, “Wait a minute. It reminds me of someone. A boy died of a student brawl!”

Spontaneously, he looked up at the statue in a full amazement!

“What a waste of money!”

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