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Mike Tyson: Who dares to tickle me?

Sit still, concentrate. Close your eyes and imagine there before you is a cute boy to tickle.

Get rid of stress, now you are with the baby boy and he is crying for you to take him into your lap.

No, do not listen to the weep, you need to focus on how to refrain from anger. All you have to do is only feel you are with him and keep lulling him to sleep even after your blue jeans having been wet.

Now you have no more hatred, you don't have to win a debate and you don't have to be in the sulks, not by any means. Your sins are redeemed, not by a savior or God but by your own initiative to be always in a positive-thinking state of mind.

This kind of therapy is worth trying anytime you feel lack of tolerance. As nobody perfect you can yell at the sky and express your emotion, "I'm not perfect, I swear to God, I'm not perfect."

Feel a bit relieve? If so, now imagine, there's no such thing like a wild boxer in the world.

Done. Now, go and tickle Mike Tyson.

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