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Oprah Winfrey lends voice to Orangutan?

Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey has lent her voice to Orangutan for the first time as promoted by pre-schoolers around her neighborhood.

"Why didn't she let us know?" grumbled a Sesame Street producer who had asked her to participate in a TV show project in advance and had made a deal to use her voice.

Before, she had agreed to lend her voice to Sesame Street. Pop singers Katy Perry, Usher, actors Jude Law and Colin Farrell, and NFL star player Reggie Bush were among other celebrities who got involved in the project, questioned her decision also as to "caring" for the animal, but how come -- it was in a silly way.

Reuters reports that Producers of the award-winning TV show for pre-schoolers said on Monday that Winfrey's voice would be featured in the chat parody The O Show on the 41st season premiere of Sesame Street on Sept. 27.

"I need a clarification," said Oprah that night and was about to call Mr. Nurman. But, a noise out there distracted her and forced her to walk to the door.

What the ...! an assembly of Orangutans were in line for her autograph!

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3 Responses to Oprah Winfrey lends voice to Orangutan?

  1. Orangutan should not be here to tickle Oprah, but what can we do about it, right?

  2. What a ridiculous posting!

  3. Lol for a few second ...


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