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Stephen Hawking to tickle God's fancy

He says, God did not create the universe.

And he also says that it is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.

On hearing this, Albert Einstein, in heavens or thereabouts only grins.

"What's wrong with what I've said?" asks Stephen, to Albert Einstein's surprise..
"You can see me? No way!" Albert exclaims.
"What can you be proud of your General Theory of Relativity? You should read my book!"

There's no response. Stephen waits and waits and suddenly appears there David Copperfield somewhere from the "Bing Bang" and yells, "Adacadabra!" And Hawking's recent book, The Grand Design, comes into existence in a jippy! "This book belongs to the universe!" David exclaims.

"What the hell're you doing and talking about? That doesn't make sense! I am the creator of the book and there is no doubt about it!".

I don't know if the Greatest Creator somewhere up there be tickled by this remark.

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