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Aishwarya and Abhisek Bachchan to invite George Clooney?

No, it's a wrong title above. It should be George Clooney to invite the Bollywood famous duo to spend weekend in Italy with him.

However, due to busy schedules, the duo might be able to make it someday in December. They appreciate the invitation. Let alone, as George Clooney seemed to be hypnotized by the uniqueness of India, the attention is an honor.

A lazy blogger once contacted George Clooney if George would like to invite him also to go on a lazy weekend's holiday there in Italy with them. Despite the blogger promised to tell him funny stories about Britney Spears or Justin Bieber, George admitted never receiving the phone call - there's no news about it in the newspaper, either.

"How about on the blog?"

Unfortunately, as I have finished writing this post, George Clooney hasn't phoned me yet.

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