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Alison Sweeney and husband have fun with their kids at the train station?

Alison Sweeney and family have fun at the traiin station? Is it sensational? Surely it is, to tickle your fancy.

To have fun at the train station is surely not good idea. Alicia prefers Camp Ronald McDonald to have fun together with her kids, especially.

And now since she left McDonald, kids still like to climb on top of the train at any train station in greater Jakarta. Of course, the kids are not hers but the fun is perhaps the same.

When you go on a recreation what you're looking for is surely more fresh space out of tied-up routine. The kids and other hundred youth commuters there might find top of the train as a VIP compartment on where they feel free to pee or cry out a kind of frenzy and happiness regardless their own safety.

Alison, ma'am, it is not recommended that you and these kids duck down all the time when the train jolts in case you need to stand for a while. The electricity up there - Wow - horrible! Is it ...


Whoops! She's already been asleep, leaving me million miles away alone here on the train.

What's transport like in your country? 2014, it is predicted we're going to have gridlock in Jakarta.

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