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Can't wait for Salman Rushdie's memoir?

You cannot publish British author Salman Rushdie's memoirs. Random House has acquired global rights for it.

The memoirs are due to appear in 2012. Can't wait for that? First, Imagine the author's time hiding after Iran's then supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a death edict against him in 1989 for writing The Satanic Verses, deemed blasphemous to Islam.

The fatwa forced the writer into hiding but he never learned to amuse people by writing funny story about Britney Spears, for example, in his free time.

Rushdie never told Reuters in a recent interview that he was around one quarter of the way through what is so called a successful tickling blogger. It is far from what he said as goal in life.

Rushdie, 63, never said, either, in the interview that there was an "information with vacuum cleaner" about years in hiding which he wanted to shake his body, and he finally felt it was time to learn how to tickle Barack Obama's fancy.

The author has just published the children's story Luka and the Fire of Life but never wants to give them to you, bloggers, for free. One thing for sure, if he wants to publish a book entitled, Don't try to tickle my fancy, it is absolutely his right to do so, right?

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