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Celebrities to jostle for the train!

It is a tickling or ticklish story, you judge it.

You may never know that Juila Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez were upset and in the sulks that day. They found it was silly that the train to take them to a film shooting location was delayed. The film entitled To Tickle Ticklish Camel directed by a ticking Indonesian director who told me not to put his name here, was about the tough girls who feel tickled anytime they hear the sound of the train. The film is due to release 2020 or thereabouts. The Hollywood celebrities were far away from home, here they were in Pasar Minggu train station, Jakarta.

Just a mile away from there, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga questioned as to why they had to join the dangdut singer to perform on the platform of Pasar Minggu train station, Jakarta. But the director only said, "you'll get used to it. "You know, as to Dangdut music, even Eminem doesn't have to feel tickled to listen to it, even though the songs are sung by a dangdut superstar like Rhoma Irama. How about Britney Spears in an amusing or tickling way, sing it? Will it be a tickling gossip?

In the meantime, Roger More and Pierce Brosnan who had once been considered tickling celebrities by the director recalled the day when they had been in Pasar Minggu train station and done an amusing thing. As the train had been overcrowded there, they had felt crazily tickled to climb onto the top of this electrical commuter economy train, joining some other daredevils up there only to get a space. Two James Bonds wouldn't have risked their life by tickling each other, right? It"s not recommended at all. Seemingly, this is the case, they never want to take the train in Indonesia anymore. But, to tell the truth, have they?

By the time this post is being written, those celebrities mentioned above have not contacted me yet to tickle themselves in a tickling story about them and the train. Tickling celebrities or ticklish ones are in the air to tickle your fancy if you really want to tickle your own fancy by reading this silly story.

You're free to judge!

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