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Celebrity, funny?

What is a celebrity and who? Can a celebrity turn you on? Or he or she lets you down, instead? This question is probably asked by someone suffering an amnesia. Amnesia can happen to anyone, anywhere. A celebrity without head is funny. Another one bringing tickling Obama's picture everywhere is funny. However, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is what so called funny, especially funny celebrity.

Justin Bieber is no doubt a celebrity. He sings well. Lady Gaga is too, together they both made a historical record on YouTube.com, getting nearing one billion pageviews! But the news is not funny. If I write Justin meets funny Bieber twice a week or Bieber falls in love with funny Justin, this is surely funny.

Should celebrity be funny? It depends, as you can answer yourself. Oprah Winfrey doesn't have to be funny when it comes to interviewing an upset celebrity in a serious TV program, does she? It is ridiculous when Juliette Lewis got an accident recently, Paris Hilton sent a funny SMS to her, telling about tickling Osama or Mike Tyson. Celebrities must be able to refrain from useless humor. What do you think? This statement may probably be stated also by the one suffering an amnesia -- maybe the celebrity himself.

Celebrities, funny? What's a big deal? They should be, for the world will always be dull without humor. In other words, be witty is not a sin. Just take it. Our joke on the internet is blessing to the world, despite we are not celebrities, not by any means, agreed?

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