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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Denise Richards writing tickling memoir?

Denise Richards is writing a tickling memoir supported by a tickling blogger who has a tickling blog?

The tickling blogger is presumed to have already written about other tickling celebrities on a steady tickling blog. Amusing themes like Tickling Cinderella, can she tickle Milke Tyson? Justin Bieber to tickle Lady Gaga or Tickling Britney Spears VS Jet Li, are the silly things to tickle your funny bone. To find out where they belong to on the list of tickling blogs should not be homework for you to do. Of course, in real life you can't tickle Justin Bieber and he might not want to tickle you. He doesn't even care when you ask him, have you read about tickling Cinderella on this tickling blog? Or about how about you yourself, Justin, agree with the title Justin Bieber to tickle your serious bone? Or this tickling rich man Donald Trump, Donald Trump to tickle Mike Tyson and My Tyson to tickle Paris Hilton? These tickling ideas won't capture his attention at all.

Indeed, tickling things when they sound ridiculous don't make a memoir. Denise Richards doesn't have to tickle you by her memoir to-be. One thing for sure, she's not a tickling blogger herself, or is she?

Ask her.

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