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Does Nicolas Cage have to pay Nevada bank?

Nicolas Cage has been ordered to pay over $2 million to the Nevada State Bank.

The 46-year-old actor reportedly owes $2,511,605.74 because of what? Never try to find out if you have no talent to be a detective. It is not a good idea too, if you like to sneak to his house at night to check it out.

Or, instead, wanna visit him somewhere? But Cage's Las Vegas home was foreclosed - where it is repossessed and sold on to recuperate monies lost in a defaulted loan - late last year, and resold in January at a loss of $3.5million.

He owes a lot of money, he has to pay it in full!

The actor's financial problems first came to light late last year, but none of the bloggers had to do with it.

If you think your blog(s) can reach at least 1 million visitors a day, you may help him out. But it is a good idea? Lol

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