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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Donald Trump thinks about becoming US president but Robocop disagrees

Donal Trump is starting to see the possibility of a US president staring at him, Reuters reports, but reconsidering it when looking in the mirror.

The mirror on the wall offers him something everyone wants to have in life besides wealth--happiness. And Trump starts to laugh out loud on hearing this.

"You can be a noted tycoon in the United States if you withdraw from your silly ambition!" says the mirror.
"You can also have company operating a string of resorts and casinos."
Trump replies, "I am."
"But you're not happy," the mirror says again.
"What makes me happy then?" Trump raises his eyebrow.
"Wait a second. First close your eyes."
Amazingly, Trump does as ordered.

When then he opens his eyes the mirror has turned itself into Robocop and starts to tickle him.

"That's what you call happiness?! Nuts!

Well, that's why up to now he never wants to support, let alone, finance any Robotic projects, especially after this Robocop keeps tickling him.

"Not funny, hahaha, not funny ..."

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