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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elton John tickles awful songwriters?

Elton John never wants to sing together with any awful songwriters. Rather, he likes to tickle them by any tickling songs? But will they feel tickled? They instead challenge him to tickle Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga on YouTube. And the crazy thing is to tickle Julia Roberts who is obsessed by Eat Love Pray, her recent film. Lol.

Surely, Elton John never wants to tickle awful people. Oprah Winfrey kows it. While Oprah always feels irritated by an orangutan's remark that it wants to replace her as a dubber, she has never ever seen Elton John tickled to tickle human beings. However, Oprah never asks him either as to why he never wants to tickle awful songwriter. Does by tickling them they will get the inspiration? That's odd! Unlike the problem of back links every professional blogger wants. The only way of figuring it out is by asking Elton John himself about it. I don't know whether he feels tickled to answer this silly question. Well, excuse me, Sir ...

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