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Funny Picture?

What is a funny picture? It is the one to make you laugh, to tickle your funny bone? Sure it is. Funny picture is created by a creative hand and it is not intended for a research or scientific study.

A tickling picture is funny. A funny picture is tickling. A funny and tickling picture is part of entertainment of the world. Unlike tickling celebrities like Jim Carrey, Eddy Murphy, Bill Cosby or Rowan Atkinson, funny picture doesn't have soul which enable it to interact with people and expresses any witty remarks and pal around. It is quiet, motionless, speechless but surely, it tells about anything amusing. it creates laughter if is "seriously" made, but, however, a slight smile is not bad.

The perceiption of funny picture varies. What you think as funny, to me, it maybe not. What makes me laugh to death, to you may be it is silly.

What do you think about funny or tickling pictures of celebrities? Is it funny if Justin Bieber's face resembles Oprah Winfrey's? Paris Hilton's is like Mike Tyson's or Bruno Mars' look like Lady Gaga's. Whatever it is, on the Internet you might easily find such like.

What is a funny picture to those having no sense of humor? Forget it. One thing for sure, funny picture is not funny in theory. Do you agree with that Robocop? Wow! What a nice hairdo?

Do you think it is funny imagining it?

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