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Julia Roberts loves to eat and pray

Eat, pray, love, which one should Julia Roberts do first before watching the film Eat Pray Love herself? I'm sure, she will pray before eating and love to eat after praying.

It's an honor for me that Bali has become one of the shooting locations of Eat Pray Love as I live in the country to where the province belong. However, when I prayed to God if I could eat together with Ms. Roberts in Bali last year, Julia might not recognize me and never would like to urge me to love how to pray in a proper manner before eating. She loves to pray before eating, I guess.

However, It took me by surprise that two days ago Julia invited me to have dinner with her. I wondered how she could change her mind? She said that warteg was probably a nice place to share the idea while having dinner.Of course, I found it silly. Everybody in Indonesia knows warteg is a typical food stall or restaurant for the middle class below. Gee, it took me by surprise again, only yesterday she sent me another SMS: Stop daydreaming, are you sure you you really want to treat me?

Ops, that's the fatty Julia, my neighbor!

Talking more about Julia Roberts, which one you find so weird below!

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2 Responses to Julia Roberts loves to eat and pray

  1. Weird Julia. Is she going back to Bali? Maybe not in 2012, but in the dayafter. Lol.

  2. Are you one of the persons named Julia? Or Roberts? Welcome to the virtual forest.


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