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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lee DeWyze In New York City To Shake Your Body!

Lee DeWyze Funny Story
Is it a funny story? American idol star Lee DeWyze to entertain you in New York city. He will shake your body and take you to the sky. However, when you feel like flying at the first beat, remember there's no Superman to find you there and take you home as you get lost in the sky. Silly joke, huh?

When you think it is weird to find the fact that Justin Bieber was ever copied by a middle-aged bald-headed man, Lee DeWyze won't tickle your fancy by letting a sissy imitate him. This is not a funny story everybody wants to hear from a cool American idol star

Surely Lee will make you feel like crawling on the wall in New York city. The rhythm will be so cool and the music will be fantastic. But again, do consider, in case you have reached the top of Empire State building never ever cry for help--there's no Iron Man to tickle your funny bone and narrate a funny story about you wanting to be a star like him! Well there the silly joke goes again!

If you have already watched Eat Pray Love, there Julia Roberts to amaze you with the dazzling scenery of Bali. Lee DeWyze might bring you there with more than the traditional melody. Nothing funny about it. However, when you feel like climbing onto the top of electrical commuter train, surely you have never been to New York. And excuse me, I don't have the ticket with me.

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