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Mel Gibson VS Liam Neeson, Hangover 2 or two hangover?

Mel Gibson in, Liam Neeson out? Liam Neeson out or Mel Gibson in? Is that the same? Or both of them in and out? We're talking about hangover here, a word I found in the dictionary which doesn't have a close meaning to sober.

Comedy, cameo, humor, ticklish, funny? Hangover 2, the film will be produced without Mel Gibson starring in it. Upset, irritated, down, we don't know what Mel Gibson feels now. And Mr Tattoo will-be Leam Neeson won't start a battle with Mel Gibson, I believe. It is absolutely not his sin to win the cast.

Hangover or sober or abstinence, both actors won't sell bevarages or exchange tattoos and claim themselves as funny celebrities. That's ridiculous! Such a traumatic scene maybe fictitious, but nothing possible that it might happen in real life.

Next, Mel Gibson and Liam Neeson, instead of tickling each other, they fly high to the sky and fight! And before everything turns worse, we have to question ourselves, what kind of funny hangover will be there to tickle our fancy?

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