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Nelson Mandela, conversation with himself, not with you

Nelson Mandela's Conversation with Myself, foreword by president Barack Obama is not a tickling book.

Sure if you are a gossip, you cannot find here the pages where Justin Bieber is tickling Lady Gaga on YouTube as their pageviews reach one billion, or Julia Roberts forgets eat, pray, love as the title of her recent film due to imsonia.

Mandela who turned 92 July 18, having spent 27 years in prison is a humble person and there has never been heard any sensational dark-side life news about him like the confession of Rick Springfield in his autobiography, Late, late at Night.

It is likely that after all ups and downs of his holy struggle, Mandela is now troubled by people seeing him as a living saint. Don't ask this to a silly blogger. He may add, is Oprah Winfrey troubled by orangutans seeing her as an excellent dubber?

The once Nobel peace prize winner ofted to forgive his captors. This is a very precious lesson we can learn from him. I wonder if we spent years in prison, the conversation with ourselves may be not as tickling as a story book children.

No tickling world, Nelson Mandela is a strong man!

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