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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


What is a quotation?

According to Sandra Bull Dock, quotation is not the same as that of the scripts she had to remember when she starred in Speedy years ago and despite the film is not a tickling history, it doesn't give quotation of life. Don't ask her. She's busy.

Don't ask what a quotation is when Justin Bieber is singing and Eminem is rapping. Justin Bieber doesn't care about a tickling quotation about a tickling blog, if there is one on the Internet and neither does Eminem. Quotation to them is far away from what is so called stage performance.

Quotation is inspiring, the thing to urge man to muse about life. A tickling quotation is not for those confused by Mr. Bean "horrible" face rather than laugh at it. Tickling quotation over celebrities is something which is fun to read. But someone nearing death will never think of finding a quotation to save his life.

According to Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, quotation is phrase, a sentence or phrase that is taken out of a book, poem, or play a quotation from Shakespeare/the Bible. But according to Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy, quotation is nukilan. What is nukilan? Here, only Google translate can answer, but what language? Homework for you!

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