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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rick Springfield, late, late at night, no sex?

Rick Springfield has admitted his darkest side of life in an autobiography and that's the best thing the then Grammy Award-winning singer to do, to be honest to himself, family and fans.

Late, late at night now as the title of his autobiography, there may be no sex for him. But in what effective way one can be totally recovered?

"How about fasting in Ramadan month, Mr. Springfield?" a camel said to him in a language which only she understood. Rick Springfield was contemplating in a country side that night.
Springfield may answered, "I'm not a Muslim." if only could respond.

Are God-obedient Muslims really able to refrain from sex, alhocol and any other things as what are regarded as bad conducts? Rick Springfield might want to ask about it further to the camel. But there was no camel around. It was late, late at night and Springfield who might be creating a song about repent, seemed to smell the scent a seducing perfume around and a soft-spoken voice of a girl?

"Not again," he said. Before everything turned to be, "it's too late," how come, the camel soon came around from the darkness. When Rick Springfield thought she was bringing along a beautiful angel along with her on her humps, there, he heard an invisible voice, "you really need to fast."

Up to now, it's never ever been recorded in history that Rick Springfield converts to Islam because of a female camel.

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