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Singer Bruno Mars facing cocaine charge in Vegas and nannies should know about it

Didn't you know, nannies, singer-song writer Bruno Mars is facing a felony cocaine charge? And you must know, too, it is not good news, especially if you are babysitting children whose dreams are being songwriter or singer.

See, the 24-year old Just the Way you Are crooner had 2.6 grams of cocaine when he was arrested Sept 19. Where were you at that time with the baby, were you aware of this? Or were you watching a series of soap opera on TV?

Mars' real name is Peter Hernandez, not Heter Pernandez. Remember that. He is due to court Nov. 18 on the possession of controlled substance change. Wanna come to the court, too and support him? That's not a good idea, I think.

If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison and a US dollar 5,000 fine. Say, will you bail him out, nannies? Does it sound ridiculous? Well, don't cry for this, hahaha.

I don't think you're going to do such a stupid thing. Be just the way you are, right? Enjoy the time with the kids when they start to copy adult's behavior. Is it recommended if they're learning to tickle your bone? How about joining me to tickle everyone's fancy?

Btw, how come, the baby is there, across the street.

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