Vanessa Minnillo says she wants other tickling writings after shower with boyfriend

It's about Vanessa Minnilo and boyfriend, Nick Lachey while shower together: Is talking one of the main reasons the couple have been able to maintain their longterm relationship? "You have to talk through everything," she says. But both cannot talk when, after shower together, someone from the attic suddenly appears in front of them without head.

The topic of conversation for the couple has lately turned to the possibility of horror and that night they could not sleep because what they're talking about was around how Dracula sucks a blogger's blood. But I hope that won't happen, because I am a blogger, aren't I?

Minnillo has some doubts about the man standing before them without head. Is it part of jokes, April Mop or something like that?

Minnillo says. "But me personally, I don't know. I think that there's something wrong with what's written here. However, it's not bad to tickle rats' fancy up there by writing about my tickling shower.




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