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Why does Rihanna have to open about Brown beating?

Why does Rihanna have to open up about the fight that ended her romance with Chris Brown at the beginning of 2009? Of course, she has the right to do so. What's with questioning? In her most candid interview, she never said about cockfighting, did she? Cockfighting is illegal in Indonesia, but forget it anyway, because that's not we're talking about here.

It is not recommended for husband to be cruel to his wife, you know what, the R&B superstar was beaten black and blue by Brown after she allegedly questioned him about text messages he was getting from an ex-girlfriend.

Brown was found guilty of assaulting his then-partner and is still serving community service for his actions--no, don't say, "Poor you!" That's childish!

Rihanna opens her heart for a revealing new interview in the December issue of Marie Claire magazine and maybe she will share with Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy's blog someday. But I'm not quite sure about it.

She tells the publication, "It's scary; you meet Dracula, he sucks your blood and he tickles your funny bone."

I don't think that kind of publication is worth reading. Unless you have a sense of humor!

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