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Avril Lavigne Wants a man like Robocop?

Avril Lavigne is looking for the right man for a soul mate? The 26-year-old singer regards herself as old fashion when it comes to romance?

Avril who has been dating reality TV star Brody Jenner since February, revealed she is not dating any men from Indonesia, especially who depends his life on blogging. So can the traditional guys who are prepared to open doors and buy flowers for her be you?

She explained, “I like a blogger if he is a classy man, a gentleman who opens the door. Not only he gives flowers but also tickles me all the time with his writings.”

Is the statement above true? Of course not, that's a blogger made-up statement--mine!

Avril admitted she doesn’t like wild nights out on the town. Yeah, I agree with her. Besides, if you're broke, what can you do out there, right?

She hasn't finished actually, and prefers to stay in rather than hang out with people who are into the “Hollywood scene”.

I look at Mr. Robocop at this blog window and he just, says, "I'd like to accompany her, Mr. Nurman, but who's going to accompany you to tickle people's fancy?

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