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Celebrities never learn to tickle your fancy

That's the reason why I need to write them a letter about it.

Since they never learn intensively, tickling celebrities while they are around is childish and never recommended. A letter to them is okay, instead, as they are also part of human who need humor as well.

But before I begin with 'dear celebrity' I have to know first to whom this letter may concern.

Celebrities tickling each other won't lead me to imagine Zack Efron and Robert Pattinson vying for stardom. That's absolutely not funny. Britney Spears or Kristen Steward to put down in the letter as ticklish maybe a good idea. But are they?

Do celebrities need to learn to tickle your fancy? Why should they? In fact, they are not learning to, but doing so.

Well, now, I get confused as to writing them a letter. What if I write, 'Dear celebrities, would you teach me how to write a tickling letter?'

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