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Cheap Hotels, Cheap Travel?

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So dear celebrities, it is not your sin to count on anything cheap. It is not your fault destined to be rich. Anybody is free using cheap travel regardless his strata as long as he has enough budget for travelling.

It is not funny, dear celebrities, if you are caught by the media to be using cheap things around. Maybe a bit sensational. Cheap flights are okay too if you wish. So, what with the fuss? Something tickling in the eye of public is something common in the eye of blogger? Whoops, what a crazy idea!

However, the cheap flight that you have will be troublesome if you bring along with you your bodyguards and you pay them cheap. As far as I know, Robocop never wants to be a bodyguard and get underpaid.

Is it out of context? Forget it. So, dear celebrities, when will you take me to fly with you. As for me, I prefer free-of-charge flight.

Dear celebrities, it is not funny, is it?

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2 Responses to Cheap Hotels, Cheap Travel?

  1. That's cheap hotel is the best way to go travel around the world

  2. Thanks for commenting Mr. Bali Deals, Mr Robocop and I appreciate it and might visit you to Bali after we finish washing our underpants. Lol. Hey, friend, how's your blog progress?


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