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Emma Watson: I'm addicted to knowledge (and to tickling your fancy?)

Emma Watson has passion for learning!

Watson, the Harry Potter's star whose movie made it cool to be a studious teacher's pet, doesn't say that she will study about the existence of supra natural power which might take control of Mt. Merapi in Indonesia.

Watson, a sophomore at Brown University in Rhode Island, is never reported to have learned how to recite the Koran well. That's a silly coverage about celebrities tickling viewers on the Internet.

Don't ask her, why she chose to continue her education after graduating from high school but never wishes to run a restaurant on her own? A crazy blogger, a friend of mine once asked me about it.

"I love learning. I'm just addicted to knowledge. It just like, makes me happy. It keeps me motivated," she said in a interview while promoting her latest film, the first installment of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." (Associated Press)

When I offer her, "how about blogging? Are you addicted to it?" She can't hear it--You know, telepathy is error here.

Maybe she would say, "I'll tell you how to tickle everybody's fancy. I'm a native speaker, aren't I?"

Thank you in advance, dear ...

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