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Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe show age!

Harry Potter needs a tickling story.

Not a very funny one. He's had more than enough of adventures regarding supernatural, witches, black magic or something, so that he gets bored and needs some entertainment on his own way. Now he only needs some simple things to tickle his fancy.

He just needs to see Daniel Radcliffe, who plays him, who just turned 21. He would like to ask, "Mr. Radcliffe, is that correct as written on the internet, that you are more assertive than you used to be, more authoritative, though not necessarily more confident?"

"The movie, number seven in a series of eight," Daniel ignores Harry. He instead says something about a recent Harry Porter's movie.

"I know, it's not you saying that," Harry replies. "It's the internet."

"Really? How well you know about Internet? Daniel asks."

"It's simple. Just close my eyes and I'll be there in a jippy."

"Your English is not fluent. That didn't answer my question"

"It didn't?"

"Are you Harry Porter or what?"

Harry Porter feels ashamed and right away gets back into a lamp and soon asks himself, "Are you Harry Porter or what?

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