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Josh Hartnett to romance Bipasha Basu on blogs!

Bollywood hottie and Hollywood cuttie will be on screen making an International debut with the flick Singularity in India. Surely, as the news spread rapidly Bipasha Basu and Josh Hartnett catch the attention of bloggers.

One blogger writes about the news as it is, another just copies and pastes from the original or official source and makes a slight editing. The other corrupt other related blog or website for their own good, providing disjointed links everywhere on their blogs.

Despite this, what should Bipasha and Josh care? For the next few months they will keep romancing and maybe dancing, singing, cryng ... Wait, is it Hollywood or Bollywood we're talking about here?

And fasting and reciting the Koran? Well, that is much out of context, right? No, it's not them. However, for a tickling blog nothing is confusing when it comes to parody, like when Robocop will also want to date Bipasha. He just needs shaving.

Bloggers, let's shave together.

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