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Obama visit to Indonesia will include visiting blogger?

Obama has an emotional and strong relationship with the country in where he spent his childhood, Indonesia. Generally, Indonesians feel proud of him becoming the president of the USA. When he won the presidential election a couple years ago many people here also shared joy and happiness, supporting him.

Despite his visit plan will always be rejected by the hardliner here, Indonesia wishes he would not make cancellation again. Some people are looking forward to seeing him back to his "mother land".

Obama is scheduled to visit Istiqlal, one of the largest mosque in the world in Jakarta and also to visit the Heroes Cemetery.

Unfortunately, due to his busy schedule, he won't be able to manage the time to visit a blogger's house in Bogor, West Java, a few kilometers away from Jakarta. The blogger is writing something good about him and also about Hollywood gossip in a tickling way. He himself is not part of funny or tickling celebrities and never wishes an award from Obama.

No, it is not quite necessary. A little smile if you happen to come across this posting is okay, Mr. President. Selamat datang di Indonesia.

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