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Rapper T.I. admits to drug problem

Is it sensational?

A drug habit after extensive dental surgery, that's what he has developed. The surgery was not done in Egypt where crazy bloggers could probably make up a story about celebrity and pyramid and Pharaoh, and they tickle among one another.

During his prison stint last year T.I. had tried to contemplate and reflect on all sins in the past. But this gossip is absurd, because no news saying this so far.

It's bad, while bloggers say no to drug and say yes to tickle every one's fancy, the rapper said he continued taking the medication, even after he had healed from his surgeries the way others might have a drink or smoke a blunt.

T.I., who is currently serving time for violating his probation on an earlier federal weapons conviction, didn't say that if he were recovered from the addiction he would go pilgrimage to Mecca.

Besides, nobody saw him around with a camel before.

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