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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, be careful with your bicycle!

Don't ask Robert Pattinson to be very careful when it comes to have a ride with Kristen Stewart by bicycle. With his rumored girlfriend at a hotel restaurant in Brazil on Friday, rumor has it that they are about to go to Jogjakarta Indonesia by bicycle to become volunteers because they are very sorry for the volcano eruption there.

No news about volunteering, to tell you the truth. Sitting at a table with a police officer, both Robert and Kristen didn't say that they would also want to see a tickling blogger there and discuss about what other things about them to be parodied on the Internet. It's a crazy idea, you know.

The "Water for Elephants" actor and the "Welcome to the Rileys" actress are currently not in Hongkong and not to film Blogger, You Drive Me Crazy. It is not part of "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn" to thrill you. The true information about what project they're up to, unfortunately not in Mr. Nurman's pocket--sorry guys.

Better believe me, all this is just to tickle your fancy. You may ask Mr.Robocop at the window over there.

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