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She's not an actor with plastic surgery

If you were an actor would you have cosmetic surgery? Would you follow Cher and Melanie Griffith? A recent article in New York magazine entitled "Lines, Please," with the subtitle "If you can't move your face, can you still act with it?"attracts a blogger's attention.

But she says, "no Mr. Nurman, it's not good idea. But, I don't know, may be I'll give it a try someday."

The blogger won't take the risk of extreme cases like Heidi Montag and Mickey Rourke, but is more concerned with the image if without changing face, the show won't be on.

"What show? You're a blogger, not an actor?" I ask.

This sparked a lively discussion among friends of mine, bloggers.

"You're a blogger, not an actor," they repeat what I said.

She says, "I'm a blogger and I'm an entertainer as well. Is it a good idea when people visit my blog they see me not as I am?"

We've got nothing to say and prefer to be disappeared.

"I'm waiting for Tom Cruise's phone call."

The blogger who has abandoned 25 blogs on her own runs and talks and smiles at herself on the street! Too much blogs will kill you!

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