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Welcome to the Twitter nation: Indonesia

Did you know Indonesia is the most Twitter-addicted nation on the planet by online research firm comScore? (Sara Sidner CNN/Jakarta)

First, have a sit and enjoy the sandy beaches, palm trees and the hospitality of the people. Second, stand up and look round, see how excited people there spending the time doing business on line everywhere, not only at the Internet cafe, but also through their laptop and mobile phone.Third, ask them, "Do you know Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy? He is from Indonesia."

If nobody would like to answer the latter question, just keep following my tweet and you'll get used to being tickled.

There's the only one among Indonesians here to learn to tickle your fancy by writing silly things about Hollywood celebrities. Funny or not, that doesn't matter.

What seems to matter is if you want to borrow Robocop's helmet from me (see our special guest at the window) Is he a shy guy? Maybe!

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