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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Adam Lambert likes singing?

Tickler of the day? Why Adam Lambert finds singing enjoyful?

Is the question similar to why Britney Spears never asks that? Does it sound funny as she is not a girl, not yet a woman? What's it all about? Adam Lambert won't say, "I'm not a boy, not yet a man," as to why he likes singing. And why Robert Pattinson never urges his fans to ask, "why you look funny when singing, Adam."

Adam Lambert is not a funny, a tickling or a ticklish celebrity. So, he won't come up with a witty remark as a reply, "Mr. Pattinson, why you like to have a ride with Kristen Steward before dawn? That time vampires won't show up their funny bone."

Then, why Adam Lambert's fans like singing together with him? If the reason is because Adam Lambert pays them, there will be more following silly question, Why Adam Lambert doesn't sing Indonesian songs?

Disjointed and out of context?

Then Why?

Because if Adam Lambert fights, he'll be easily defeated by Jet Li. So, why Adam Lambert likes singing? Because he knows the answer as to why Jet Li has to fight.

Readers, I'm learning to tickle your fancy, anyway, for I am myself bit confused. I need to communicate with you over this. Thanks in advance.

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