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Why Rapper DMX arrested in Arizona?

Troubled rapper DMX is back behind bars in Arizona for violating his probation, CNN reports.

Mr. Earl Simmons, the real name of DMX, had never written a blog about criminalism before he was arrested Thursday and had never worked together with a tickling blogger to write about tickling or ticklish celebrities.

You know, drugs reign supreme here. The rapper was allegedly using drugs, including cocaine and OxyContin. "Why doesn't he fast? That's the solution." Whoops, this must be an Islamic cleric saying this.

If you are familiar with Simmons' song like "Party Up" and "Get At Me Dog" you might not want to listen to it being screwed up by dangdut orchestra. He is also an actor, and has appeared in numerous movies including "Belly," not in a silly movie, entitled, "Your Belly is super Ugly."

Why in recent years Simmons has had numerous run-ins with the law? This might drive curiosity among his fans. Before, he was arrested on five separate occasions after August 2007. That included a May 2008 arrest on drug and animal cruelty charges--that time he was not having a predawn meal and that was not Ramadan month, I guess.

Being placed on "lockdown status" and forced to eat only bread and water for jailhouse infractions, can we say he is really a troublesome?

I don't know when he will be released and be able to join me here to tickle people's fancy.

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