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Why Zac Efron doesn't get serious in Charlie St. Cloud?

Charlie St. Cloud exits high school with limitless potential and promise, but that doesn't appeal to Zac Efron! Is that true?

He’s not the captain of the sailing team? How come he thinks that he is a reborn American idol? He sings and dances and runs anytime paparazzi see him and jumps over the bridge, and together with volunteers he feels he is not to miss the flight to carry him to Indonesia to help Mt. Merapi volcano's erruption survivors.

He assumes he’s not just been accepted to Stanford.  The future is dark and won't be in rosy color. How comes things go wrong?

High School Musical veteran Zac Efron suddenly feels that he doesn't like singing, dancing and thinking about helping the miserable people out there might be a good idea.

What's wrong? Anybody please help.

Seemingly it's not Zac's fault being in this condition. But to put blame on blogger, it's like to force him to get serious in Charlie St. Cloud while he wants to get serious to tickle everybody's fancy.

So confusing?

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