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Yolike News Bollywood Movies 2

Yolike latest news Bollywood Kareena Kapoor dislikes action scenes. News Gate, images, videos, full story, all she dislikes if only she were a blogger and her link was corrupted by a website named Yolike.

Kareena may say, "They have to say sorry for taking your link secretly, Mr Nurman and without giving you a back link."

And I would say, "It's okay, Kareena. At least I know how to exchange google page with corruptors all over the world."

She might nod.

"But by the way, why you disliked action scenes if I may know"

There's no reply.

"Maybe she's afraid, she'd be end up canned like me."

"Shut up, Robocop!"

Well, how can I say, a few minutes after this post published, this post appears there on their website. Robocop, let's laugh together.

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