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Heidi Klum, Jim Carrey and the Mask

Model Heidi Klum faces tremendous pressure to be not herself. However, she won't do such a stupid thing to get out of real life. She recalls: "I don't know nothing about this posting."

And Jim Carrey finds something amusing by not being himself. As we all know, they never star in a movie called the Mask together.

Say, if Heidi wants to have a mask, she never calls Jim Carrey to modify one for her. She never recommends him to distribute the masks to the survivor of Mt. Merapi's volcano eruption in Central Java Indonesia.

Both Heidi Klum and Jim Carrey never plan to run a business selling masks and launch an outlet in Bali, either..


And both might also question as to why a blogger creates this silly posting to distract viewers.

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